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My name is Wieslawa Bakaj. I am an MA in education. For 25 years I worked as a school teacher, occupying various positions. I graduated from the International Institute of Face Reflexology and today I also work as a reflexologist-therapist. In addition to this, I also use several other techniques, inter alia: cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, energy massage and purifying body massage, Theta Healing, the Domancic Method and the Two-point Technique.

I've always been interested in other subjects than my peers. I was fascinated not only by the Universe and its laws, but I also attentively observed scientific discoveries and their significance for an average person.

For many years I have been exploring the knowledge of quantum physics and its theory, trying to use its laws and possibilities in everyday life. It has resulted in completing four levels of the seminar on the Matrix Energetics and the Two-point Technique in year 2010 led by Mr. Richard Bartlett in Berlin.

There was a time in my life which was very difficult due to health problems, that the medicine couldn’t cope with. Only my strong will to live and a belief that everyone has the power to heal, caused that within two years I was cured.

Many times in my life I experienced states indicating a kind of sickness (severe headache, high blood pressure, organs ache, nauseas, terrible cold), but even then I knew intuitively that these are the influences of programs, information of past experiences, energy attack caused by other entities.  I learned to feel and understand my body signals, improving myself in order to cope with different situations.

I gained knowledge about actions of the body, herbs and supplements, so that I can advise my customers what they can do to improve their life.

At some time in my life I met a four-year old girl, who saw 24 parallel dimentions at the same time. She started to teach me about their influence on our present life and also about powers we have. Nowadays I also gather around me children, who can see more than other people.

Through our experience of past lives and the influence of entities from other dimensions, our cellular memory stores information of those experiences, which are reflected in our present life. Despite our efforts and work on ourselves we still experience problems in relationships, health, finances etc.

Workshops of Creating Self Conscious Reality that I run, help to realize the influence of those programs and as well as the influence of saved memories on our subconsciousness. My task is to show the ability to change one’s life and to experience its plentitude. This effect be achieved by using the Two-Point Technique, which transforms energy-information records in our subconsciousness and our Information Field.

I help people to understand that directing our attention to a specific place thing or situation results in its strengthening. That is why it is so important to direct our lives and our attention consciously. Therefore, everything what is going to happen to us is created Here and Now. This particular game with the Information Field experienced by the workshop’s participants reveals the way the information, which has no weight, nor measure can control our lives.

Information is ubiquitous and easily accessible for everyone. If it is provided in an appropriate manner, it can build and create something new, but at the same time it is able to destroy.

I have this unique opportunity to witness how the information and beliefs of people work for them in their everyday. These observations are reinforced by analysis of animals, plants and minerals conducted by the Quantec device. I learned from my experience that even a simple change of program within one’s Information Field can be sufficient to cure people from diseases or improve their personal life, finances, relationships, etc.

Each of us has the power to amend the energy of information in our Field or change our beliefs. It is really simple and everyone is able to do this. It is enough just to give an exact intention and then let the Universe find the most optimal solution for our needs.
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