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Areas of application of Qantec® device

  • Psychosomatics
    Practically every disease possesses some typical psychological ground. "Soma" in Greek means "body". If the soul is for some reason distorted in some particular aspect and lost its harmony, then this issue also reflects on the physical body.

  • Veterinary medicine
    Since animals put up less conscious resistance to treatment with biocommunication, QUANTEC achieves particularly good results (as with plants).

  • Agriculture and Forestry
    People who repeatedly manage to get even apparently hopeless plants to grow and flourish are said to have "green fingers" or a "green thumb". This naturally does not refer to the color of their fingers of thumbs but to their special ability of communicating with plants. QUANTEC is also especially capable of this biocommunication, even in the combination of serious problems and large areas under cultivation.

  • Environment

    How biocommunication is able to bring harmony in very troubled situations can best be explained with the so-called "butterfly effect". Scientists have proved that even the heftiest storms can be caused by a single beat of a butterfly's wing. QUANTEC too works with very fine stimuli that can ultimately have enormous effects.

  • Coaching & Counseling
    Every company is mostly composed of teams of people who work within it. For this reason, every problem of a single company can be reduced to an ultimately human issue. Coaching is one of the Quantec’s largest advantages and therefore the device is well suited for the use of companies. Morphogenetic fields are an electromagnetic phenomenon, and therefore may be changed by the electromagnetic vibrations. QUANTEC® can scan and inform these morphogenetic fields. Since companies have also such fields, it is possible to scan them and provide with a new information. QUANTEC® device can scan and analyze the energy field of a company and also its employees. The information obtained during the scan is then compared by a computer with different databases. Each database contains information from the fields that is relevant to the operation of the company. Database entries the company resonate with are then marked. Selected as a set of information shows very extensively and clearly, what could be improved in the company.

  • Electrosmog
    American scientists have investigated the effects of pulsating radio waves and magnetic fields and ascertained the following: Human cells recognize pulsating radio waves and magnetic fields above a rate of 2000 pulses as information. This process is also known as iteration, which means that the effect of these signals on the human cells increases in proportion to the duration of exposure. In the case of hormone cells, such radio waves or magnetic fields can be made to produce and emit their hormone if they are detached from their superordinate control mechanism.
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