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Theory - a new vision of the world

What is possible with the QUANTEC® device must seem like magic or in the worst case like quackery. However its name derives from two words composing one term – QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY.

Below you can check whether QUANTEC® is something other than just using logic scientifically researched phenomena from the world of quantum physics.

Matter is not as solid as it seems

If you pick up a great stone, its weight gives the feeling of having a lot of matter in your hands. But this is only an illusion. In fact, this heavy stone is more like a balloon with a small dust grains in the center. "Sleeve" of the balloon is composed of electrons, which are constantly orbiting around the nucleus of the atom along different paths so quickly that the surface feels hard surface.

Relations of dimensions of the atom are such, that if you enlarge one atom to the size of a cathedral, the nucleus of the atom is only as large as a cherry pip - with electrons outside, which have only a fraction of its size. A cherry pip and electrons, however, weigh as much as Cologne Cathedral filled to the ceiling with concrete.

What does this fact mean for us? If we take into account only the size of the seeds and the Cologne Cathedral, what is the amount of matter we consist of?
About twenty thousand people can be put inside the cathedral. Together we all share as much matter as a cherry pip, that weighs as much as all these people together.

People therefore does not consist of solid matter, but rather a projection or illusion, which consists of only one twenty-thousandth of the cherry’s pip size.

Quantum physicists acknowledge this for a long time. This what you are reading here is known to physicists for nearly a hundred years.

Icy surprise – a Bose-Einstein condensate

If a tiny "speck of matter" is cooled to a temperature of -273 ° C, even then it remains fragmented.

Relations of dimensions and the fact that matter (after a suitable cooling) can be dissipated show that we and the universe we live in, consists only of a small amount of matter, which possesses a completely different properties than we can see.

So, if people (patients) are mostly not composed of matter, a success of purely material therapy cannot be expected. This would only cover a small part of the problem. QUANTEC® cares about this another “part” of patient’s body.

Thoughts affect the matter

Now, when you know that the matter is more illusory than real, it should not surprise you that thoughts can affect the matter.

It has been empirically examined at the Princeton University. Students were placed in front of the Galton board on which the balls kept falling down through the rows of rods. The result of a series of trials lasting years has confirmed that students can, in fact, deliberately cause deviations of the balls’ flight to the right or to the left on their way down. These results were published by Dr. Jahn and Brenda Dunne in the book "The margins of reality."

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